I know it’s very short notice, but we need as many task force members as possible to meet at the Hamilton Journal Record office at noon Monday for a photo with the Walk a Mile for a Child trophy. 

Kier Vickery
It’s official:  Marion County will keep the first place trophy for the 2009 Walk a Mile for a Child!!!  That makes it two years in a row!  Congratulations and thanks so much for all of the hard work!!!  Marion County raised almost $2,000 more than last year!  Way to go!
Don’t forget our June task force meetings.  We will meet on Thursday, June 25th at noon at Chris’ Catfish and at 6PM at Winfield Subway. 
Please continue recruiting participants for the July 13th volunteer/sign training at the courthouse.  We will have a whole courtroom, so let’s try to fill it up! 
I’m attaching flyers for the August 3rd “Swing for Safeplace” golf tournament in Florence .  Our task force has sent players in the past, and we’d love to have two or more teams this year!  This will be a great way to practice for the task force’s October 9th tournament.  Send me an email if you are interested in playing in or sponsoring either event. 
Kier Vickery, Secretary
Marion County Domestic Violence Task Force
if you get a chance, go to the Tupelo Museum. One of our members Alex Carden’s Vett is on display there. Go check it out if you can.